lrm_export_20170130_111057Meaning: pets

Down by the sea when the weather is good in Punta del Este, Uruguay, you’ll find a row of fishermen and their watery pets that hang around all day hoping to engorge themselves on the daily catch. Pepe, a 28 year old fisherman, has been hauling in the daily pescados (fish) to feed the appetites of the town since he was eighteen but has fished these waters since he was much younger. He hands out fish to excited tourists so they can throw them into the waiting mouths of the lobos marinos (sea lions). The sea lions eat until they are bursting. One is so greedy that he almost falls asleep while eating fish after fish. Pepe reaches down and pats him until he closes his eyes and lets out a huge burp. An older fisherman calls them his pets. “Do they have names?”we ask. “Mari, Juan, Pablo…”He rattles off laughing. Pepe says only one really has a name: Fat Ricardo. It’s not hard to work out which one he is.