lrm_export_20170201_064522Meaning: humus – the dark organic material in soils, essential to the fertility of the earth.

“What is humus”? I ask the happy young woman selling helado artesanal (homemade icecream) at the dairy farm in El Bolsón. One of the flavours on the board is humus.
“It’s the top layer of the soil, the most fertile layer,” she tells me. I quickly push pureed chickpeas and tahini out of my mind. Outside on the farm the view is lined with raspberry, blueberry and cranberry vines. El Bolsón is famous for its natural produce- berries in particular. Before arriving at the dairy farm Calli and I had wandered down a driveway lined with cherry trees. We picked some and tasted them. They were the juiciest cherries I had ever tasted, popping in our mouths. They hung from the trees like bright red clusters of treasure. We wandered up to a building along the driveway and found local fruit pickers filling buckets of raspberries. When I asked one of them if we could buy some cherries he smiled and said we could just eat what we could pick. Later on at the dairy farm we decided on the humus flavour. It was chocolate with little bits of sour berries and nuts mixed in, like a little patch of fertile ground.


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